Mad Men museum

rectangleAre you ready for the final installment of Mad Men? The premiere is this coming Sunday night on AMC—I’m totally planning to savor every minute of each episode until it’s done. In between Sunday nights spent on my couch watching Don, Peggy, Pete, Betty and Joan, I’m planning a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens to check out the show’s sets (and over 25 costumes from the show!) in person.


I mean, what a cool idea for an exhibit! And it feels so rare (albeit logical, given the show’s setting) that it’s happening in New York. I can’t wait to peek inside the writer’s room….


…or Betty and Don’s Ossining, New York home.

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Finally, how incredible to see the inside of Don’s office! Like I said, it will be hard to say goodbye to this show. The exhibit is on display now through June 14.

PS: Watch a sneak peek at the season 7 trailer here!

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The weekend is here!

cd243e904d7547ae7b3bf893e7453694Happy Friday, my darling readers! How was your week? This hot and cold weather is such a tease. It’s making me count the days to my April vacation down south (we leave one month from today!). What do you have planned for the next couple of days off. I’m going with friends to Escape the Room. Have you heard of it? I’m excited…and a little bit scared. ;) Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

Seriously contemplating this gingham dress.

SJP throwing Hanks some shade. Hilarious.

…and speaking of SJP, what a sweet idea!

An eyebrow how-to.

Adding this to my weekend to-do list!

I dare you not to fall in love with these dogs.

Made me laugh out loud.

For anyone interested in using Airbnb.

Bad hair day.

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Theater Thursdays


Unintentionally, Matt and I have booked ourselves for three musicals on three Thursdays in a row. Of course, we’re super excited, but also laughing at ourselves for not realizing the pattern sooner. The first show we’re seeing is Into the Woods at the Roundabout. We saw the Shakespeare in the Park version with Amy Adams two summers ago (and loved it!), so I’m excited to see this interpretation tonight.


Next up, we’re going to Hamilton, a musical that’s supposed to be out-of-this-world terrific. It’s playing at the Public Theater. We snagged tickets to this one month ago, picking an arbitrary date, which wound up being the Thursday after Into the Woods. ;)


For the final Thursday, we’re headed back to Broadway to see An American in Paris. Truthfully, I can’t think of this show without seeing Gene Kelly dancing and singing in my head. I grew up watching the VHS on repeat (almost as much as I watched Singin’ in the Rain!), so it will be fun to see it on stage.

And there you have it: Theater Thursdays! Something tells me I’m going to feel a bit sad when this trend finishes up.

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An exercise in goal-setting

make29dec2 make29dec3

Thanks to Instagram, I came across this letterpress calendar, designed to mark progress—not perfection—toward a goal. I love it! The idea is this: You set a goal (say, going to the gym) and for each day you do it, you fill in the circle with that date. If you miss a day, no big deal. When you step back and see the whole year in front of you, and how far you’ve come, you’ll realize: Every single day makes a difference. It’s about the big picture!

With progress (not perfection!) in mind, what goal would you set?

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3 tips for grocery store blooms


Our friends came over for dinner (and poker!) on Saturday night and, instead of going to the florist to buy bouquets of blooms to brighten up the kitchen, living room and bathroom, I decided to make my own using grocery store flowers from Trader Joe’s. Here, the steps I followed…

FullSizeRender (1)

First, choose a color palette. I learned at a recent flower arranging class that you need to select 1-2 colors to anchor your bouquet. Blooms of different sizes also help by adding texture and dimension. I wanted something sunny and spring-like (despite Friday’s snow!), so I opted for yellow daffodils and orangey red African roses.

Next, lay out your blooms side-by-side. It really helps if you build your bouquet stem-by-stem rather than grouping large bunches together at a time. By picking up one rose, then a daffodil, then some of the filler greens before grabbing my next rose, I could keep the color palette even and notice any gaping holes.

Last, vary the heights. For each vase, I used a knife to trim the stems at an angle so that some blooms sat taller than others. This trick gives the finished arrangement a more natural, fresh-from-the-garden feel.

The end result was beautiful! In fact, my friend asked me where I bought my bouquets. The best part was the value: Three flower arrangements for under $12!

Have you ever tried arranging your own blooms?