Jenna Lyons on ‘pile style’


Last week, I had a chance to hear J.Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons speak and she had an awesome tip for finding unexpected ways to layer clothing and pair different styles together:

“Throw everything on the floor.”

It sounds strange, but, according to Jenna, this tactic makes it easier to visualize outfits—and color combinations—she may never have thought of before. Maybe it’s chambray and lace; or a button-down and feathers, like this look she wore to Solange Knowles’ wedding in New Orleans. When you see everything on the floor, new ideas jump out at you.

Sort of brilliant, right?

Read more about her style techniques here.

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What’s your go-to karaoke song?


487249105_emma_640The reason I ask is that, this week, for a co-worker’s going away party, we’re hitting the karaoke bar…hard. I sang a cappella in college—as many of you know—and I get it: song choice is important. I have my favorites (“Proud Mary” and “Son of a Preacher” and anything from the movie Grease), but I want to freshen it up. Modernize my selection a bit. Maybe experiment with some Taylor Swift. Or Adele.

OK, let’s just be honest. I’ll probably just belt out “Let it Go” from Frozen. ;)

But seriously, any song ideas?

PS: Everyone has already seen this, but just in case, here’s Emma Stone killing it on Jimmy Fallon.

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Spring countdown


Have you noticed? The days are getting lighter! The  first day of spring is—wait for it—19 days away. 19 days!! We can do it! (Plus, how cute is this fun little countdown?) We’re in the home stretch of this bone-chillingly cold, snowy winter. And let’s not even talk about Boston. Instead, let’s focus on warmer temps and lighter coats. What do you love most about spring?


I can’t wait for evening walks (and morning runs!) in Brooklyn Bridge Park with Matt, strappy sandals, al fresco dining, Blue Marble ice cream…the list goes on.

Maybe if we daydream about it, it will arrive a bit faster. Starting now, that’s my plan!

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The shoes we carry

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.30.01 AM

It’s a busy week: One of those where I have to “pack” my bag in the morning to take me through my 9 to…9. In the winter, I always laugh at the number of different pairs of shoes I have to carry to get me through the various stages of my day. For example, yesterday:

1) My morning began in my red rain boots from J.Crew, stuffed—for warmth—with black thermal liners. It was negative 2 degrees when I walked out the door and the ground was slick with ice.

2) My commute behind me, I traded my red rain boots for black leather boots, a more stylish (and work-appropriate) option, but something that definitely added plenty of bulk to my bag.

3) At the end of the day, I switched into my cute (and neon!) sneakers from J.Crew. I got in the elevator at work and recited in my head: “I will get off on the 14th floor and work out. I will get off on the 14th floor and work out.” Even though I carried those sneaks all the way from Brooklyn, nope—I skipped the gym and headed home, changing back to my red boots to catch the train.

How many shoe changes does it take to get you through your day?

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My vote for best dressed

Jennifer-Aniston-Picking-Up-Emma-Stone-Oscars-2015Did you watch the Oscars last night? There were so many sweet and inspiring and moving moments during the show. If I had to pick a winner for best dressed, my vote goes to Jennifer Aniston, hands-down. She looked absolutely stunning in this sparkly Versace number.

rs_634x1024-150222170612-634-jennifer-aniston-emma-stone-hugging-academy-awards.jw.22215She also wins the award for best red carpet PDA with Emma Stone. Talk about a power duo!

What were your favorite parts of the Oscars last night?

PS: Love this ‘Yup, that’s me’ supercut.

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