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Two weeks ago, Matt and I went on a week-long road trip through the South. Have you ever been? We started in D.C., then drove to Savannah, Charleston, St. Simon’s Island and Beaufort before heading all the way back to D.C. It was a lot in one week, but also a wonderful escape filled with family, new friends and delicious food. Here, a few highlights (in two separate posts)…


The Royal Baby name game


The Royal Baby is here! I was so excited to wake up to this news on Saturday morning. I was almost thankful it happened while I was sleeping — I would have been glued to the TV/computer screen all night. ;) Kate’s exit from the hospital was as graceful and elegant as she is. And I love her Jenny Packham dress! Now, the baby name game begins…




What is your vote? Charlotte is my favorite baby name of all time — and that seems to be the odds-on favorite to win. But how sweet if she was named Diana after Prince William’s mom? Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!

PS: My favorite Twitter reaction to the Royal Baby news.

Update: The name has been announced! It’s Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The cutest!

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The weekend is here!


Happy Friday, my darling readers! How was your week? I’m so excited because we leave this weekend for our trip to the South. I won’t be blogging next week, as a result, but keep up with my travels over on Instagram. :) Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

A 2016 tee. (Plus, this.)

Astrology gifs for the week.

Making a case for cute wallpaper.

Cherry Blossoms at night.

Who is Diana, reall

These paper clips.

Early Mother’s Day prep.

Everyone’s upstairs neighbors. (Starring my friend from high school!)

A strong case for the one-piece.

No more rainy day hair.

Thoughts on negativity.

Now, Savannah!

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Going blond(er)


When I lived in Boston, I always got my hair highlighted—it was something I splurged on once every 12-14 weeks if you can believe it. Upon moving to New York, I was ready to get back to my much more manageable brunette roots. Sure, I got subtle (and I mean subtle!) highlights every now and again, but nothing noticeable…until now.


My hair stylist, who I adore, has been encouraging me to try something new. “Something brighter and lighter for spring!” she’d suggest every time I got a cut. Over the weekend, I decided to go for it…


What do you think?! Definitely a huge change!

The prettiest notecards

il_570xN.524889821_l6s8My intention was just to browse in my favorite neighborhood card shop, but when I found these beautiful letterpress notecards made by Boston-based shop Albertine Press, all bets were off. I love how Shelley Barandes‘ pen and ink designs look to be just that: pen and ink. In fact, every stroke is imprinted in a sturdy card stock using a letterpress machine. The result is gorgeous—and so unique!


Her city-specific designs cover places ranging from Brooklyn and Boston to Paris and Venice. I love how she details the subtle landmarks that locals know (like the NYC water towers, pictured above).


Even cooler: April marks National Letter Writing month. Aren’t these the perfect “just because” notes to send to family and friends? I bought Paris and Brooklyn and have big plans to send a few handwritten letters out this week!

Which city would you send? Browse the full shop here.

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