Monthly Archives: April 2011

Royal romance

The Royal Wedding goes Gaga in this clever video from St. Andrews’ The Other Guys. This definitely takes a cappella to a whole new level. Love the creativity! For other posts about the Royal Wedding, click here and here. (Via YouTube)

Addicted to spuds


More than dessert, I have a weakness for potatoes. There’s something about all that salty, starchy goodness that I just can’t resist. That’s why I love the Spud Bar concept, shown in the delicious photos above. The idea came as the centerpiece for a bachelor party in Northern California, but consider the possibilities. Sporting events,… Read more »

Modern city art


I’m in love with artist Heather Galler’s gorgeous city art. She has such a unique style and ability to make each place come alive on the canvas. Every piece is so colorful and vibrant — she easily captures the energy and spirit of the cities she chooses to represent. Above, from top to bottom, find… Read more »

‘The Imperfectionists’ by Tom Rachman


I’m curious — what book are you reading right now? I’m almost to the end of Tom Rachman‘s The Imperfectionists, and think it’s quite possibly one of the best books I’ve ever read. A first-time novelist, Rachman writes what appear to be a series of short stories, all set within the newspaper industry during its… Read more »

Interview with Aerin Lauder


For the April issue of New York Resident, I had the chance to speak with Aerin Lauder — granddaughter of Estée — about the brand’s new spring line, and what she loves most about summer in New York. In addition, check out June Jacobs‘ homage to Central Park. Her three in one lip treatment, called… Read more »