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A winter walk


My devoted readers know: Brooklyn Bridge Park is my favorite spot in my new neighborhood, snow or not. Over the weekend, Matt and I decided to go for a quick hike and test out the new SLR camera(!) I got for my birthday. Nothing beats a winter sunset in New York. My toes were icicles… Read more »

Brooklyn Bridge Park sunset


This past weekend, it was unseasonably warm in New York on Saturday, so Matt and I decided to go for a quick stroll down to Brooklyn Bridge Park. We tried to time our walk with the sunset, but it sets so early now! We ended up hitting the park right as the sun dipped below… Read more »

Coffee table reads


What’s on the coffee table in your apartment? Unintentionally, Matt and I have started to curate our own mix of hard cover books to put on display. You can easily tell which books are his, and which are mine. The mix ranges from the gorgeous Paris Vu Par Hollywood, which I picked up at an… Read more »

Julie Taymor’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’


It’s rare that I get to walk to see a play in Brooklyn, especially one as exceptional as Julie Taymor’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The inaugural production at the new Polonsky Shakespeare Center, this Shakespeare classic reaches new heights under Taymor’s lead. I’ll admit: I enjoy seeing Shakespeare in New York (especially in Central Park), but… Read more »

Wall of art


As we continue to make updates to our Brooklyn apartment, Matt and I recently picked up a rather large frame for the living room wall. Now, the fun part: deciding what to put in it! We’ve been emailing links back and forth to each other with ideas, but it’s a tough decision. Whatever we choose… Read more »