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Brooklyn update


It’s been almost six months since I moved to Brooklyn (time flies, right?) and I have to admit: I’m mildly obsessed with my new ‘hood. Case in point, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Matt and I have started our own ritual of sorts. Every Sunday evening, we take a stroll down to Brooklyn Bridge Park. There’s something… Read more »



Spring has arrived, and since I’m now a Brooklyn resident, I decided it was only logical that I become a member of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Have you been there before? If not, now is the perfect time to plan a visit. Yes, the Cherry Blossom Trees are gorgeous. But the tulips are so breathtakingly… Read more »

My first Brooklyn 5K


Now that I live in Brooklyn, I’m looking forward to branching out and exploring several of the local parks. This includes Prospect Park. What better way to get acquainted than to register for my first Brooklyn 5K? It‘s the first weekend in May, and I can’t wait! But I will admit, it’s been a while… Read more »

Sweet tour of Brooklyn


My dear readers, I’m so sorry for the radio silence last week! My sister came to town, and the days that followed were a bit of whirlwind with everything else. But I had so much fun showing her around my new neighborhood. In addition to seeing a Broadway show, going to Brooklyn Bowl, and more,… Read more »

Bringing plants indoors


A quick Brooklyn update: I’m starting to feel super settled in my new apartment. Yay! Now, I can focus a bit more on decorating, and adding the little touches that make every place feel like home. One detail I’m excited to add: House plants. Do you have any in your home? Our apartment gets a… Read more »