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James Bond + Hot Cocoa


Up until two weeks ago, I’d only seen one James Bond film—a Pierce Brosnan one. In my opinion, it was a good one, but according to Matt, it didn’t count. He said that I needed to watch Sean Connery and establish my opinion on Bond from there. So, we chose a night, cooked dinner, and… Read more »

Farmers Market Fix


Two weeks ago, I was the lucky recipient of the most delicious gift: a meal — delivered to my office door — by Farmers Market Fix. Founded by Cathy, this delightful service aims to bring fresh and local food to all New Yorkers looking to get (wait for it) their farmers market fix. Sign up… Read more »

Date night at home


How do you choose to spend a date night in? For Matt and I, there’s nothing we love more than renting a movie on demand (or in our case, through Vudu or the independent video store down the block). But there is a catch: we alternate movie picks. In our opinion, this allows us to… Read more »