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Governors Island escape


Over the weekend, Matt and I took the ferry over to Governors Island for the first time this summer. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get out there this year—especially given all the new things to do! On Saturday, the weather was perfect. The ferry was crowded. But we had a blast…. Read more »

The weekend is here!


Happy Friday, my darling readers! What do you have planned for this weekend? I’m taking a calligraphy class! My grandmother always used to practice this art form, making beautiful prints that still hang on my parents walls today. I’m excited to give it a try. Wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend ahead. Here, to… Read more »

A view from the ferry


Any time I’ve visited my friend Barb in New Jersey, I’ve traveled by train. This time, she recommended that I take the ferry. Brilliance! Seeing the Manhattan skyline from the water is breathtaking, and something everyone in New York should do at least once.  Bonus: It’s surreal to pass the Statue of Liberty on a… Read more »

Beat the NYC heat


This week, as I waited for the A train in the sweltering underground heat, I glanced over at another woman on the platform. She was dry as a daisy, fanning herself with one of these—a portable, battery-operated fan. I immediately thought of all the things that I carry in my purse to be prepared (a… Read more »

July Page: A Toast!


Happy July 1st, my darling readers! I always look at this weekend as the official kick-off to summer. The 4th of July weekend happens to be my favorite holiday, too. There’s nothing better than leisurely BBQs, sunshine, and enjoying it all with family and friends. Here are a few things I’m excited about this month:•… Read more »