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Paris in Hollywood


When I was in college, one of my closest friends was (and still is!) from Istanbul, Turkey. I remember having a conversation with her one night after watching When Harry Met Sally about how magical it is to see places like New York after seeing them on-screen from afar. She’s right—and her perspective on New York… Read more »

Say it in French


What do you think of all the French (and foreign language) t-shirts that are popping up just in time for spring? The two options above are both from Madewell. I think they’re pretty—and chic, too. It makes for a fun pop of culture with your look, don’t you think?PS—A dog sweater!(Image 1, 2)

Photography how-to


Now that my trip to France and Italy is coming up soon, I’ve been starting to make mini-lists to prepare. Top priority right now: Master my SLR camera so that I can come back with lots of gorgeous pics. It’s harder than you think! Luckily, there’s Skillshare, a company with classes that teach almost any skill… Read more »

Crepes, Brooklyn-style


When I was in Paris, I had a nutella crepe every. single. night. We stayed in St. Germain des Pres, and there was a creperie that stayed open past midnight located right beneath the apartment we rented on Airbnb. It became my late night fix, and the sweetest way to end each day. Fast forward to… Read more »

Apartment hunting in Paris


Now that it’s 2014, I’m getting so excited for my trip to France and Italy this spring—it’s only five months away! Since we’re bopping around to several cities this time, there’s quite a bit of hotel research to do. To make it easy on ourselves, we’ve decided to use Airbnb again in Paris since it… Read more »