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September Page: A Toast!


Happy September, my darling readers! Did you have a nice Labor Day weekend? I can’t believe how quickly summer came and went. It was filled with so many fun things. For example:- Delicious salads- Farmer’s Market finds- Summer blockbusters- Weekend excursions (like this one and this one) Now, I can’t wait for fall to arrive…. Read more »

September Page: A toast!


September, already? I really can’t believe it. But this is my favorite month of the year. Maybe it’s because this month includes my birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary (this year, they celebrate 39 years!), but there’s more to it than that: September always feels like a fresh start. The air feels crisp and clean,… Read more »

September Page: A toast!


Wow, September already! This summer sure did fly by. What do you love most about this month? There are so many lovely things about September—the first sight of foliage, the arrival of sweater weather, the return of fall TV. The air is crisper, and the evenings are a bit darker, which makes everything feel so cozy,… Read more »