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New (and possibly red) kicks


I’m overdue for a new pair of sneakers—for walking, not running—and I’ve been eyeing a red pair for fall. Normally, my walking shoes are neutrals, like gray or black, but there’s something about red shoes… I love how they look polished and sporty at the same time. I’d wear them with jeans, or even better…… Read more »

Endless summer


Lately, my weekend look has been limited to the following: white jeans, a lightweight tee (like this l’été sans fin shirt from J.Crew), my white Birkenstocks, and a dab of this Stila Convertible Color lipstick in Sweet Pea. It’s so easy and mindless—and a great way to keep cool as the July temperatures start to… Read more »

Summer trend: Birkenstocks


When I heard that Birkenstocks were making a comeback, I wasn’t so sure how I felt. I remember how much I loved the dark leather pair I wore daily in high school. My friends and I made an effort to keep them on our feet year-round, even wearing them with socks (!) in the winter… Read more »

Pretty heels for spring


Now that it’s February, I’m having a hard time *not* pining away for spring. It’s at this point every year that winter starts to drag…and drag. That’s why I’m so happy to see bits and pieces of spring collections starting to arrive in stores. Case in point: this gorgeous stiletto heel (called the Nora in… Read more »

Summer sandal series


A pedicure is one of my favorite summer indulgences—and gorgeous strappy sandals make it all the more fun to put perfectly polished toes on display. That’s why I love this Instagram feed by the ladies over at Glitter Guide. Among other summer-inspired shots, they always capture summer feet that are ready for all things: the… Read more »