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Snow for sale in Boston

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Since I haven’t been to Massachusetts since Christmas, I have only heard about the massive amounts of snow that’s in the area, the result of back-to-back storms. Over the weekend, I had a chance to see the snowfall up close—an amount my mom assured me is “half of what it was” when the storms first… Read more »

Winter is for wine lovers


With all this snow, my red wine consumption has gone up. There’s something so cozy and body-warming about a tall glass of red, don’t you think? The more wine I drink, the more curious I am about the documentary Somm. Have you seen it? It’s about four sommeliers attempting to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test that apparently has… Read more »

Spring getaway to Savannah


So far, February in New York has been about one thing: snow! The Brooklyn forecast on my iPhone’s weather bug this week has shown the snowflake icon every day—and we still have at least two months of winter to go. To make the season fly by a little bit faster, Matt and I are in the midst of… Read more »

Subway style

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Did you see this classy subway shot of Helen Mirren riding the R train in New York? It’s impressive! She is a poster child for proper subway etiquette: Sitting up straight, her knees touching so she doesn’t invade someone else’s space (unlike the dude to her left!). Even with an open seat beside her, she… Read more »

36 Hours in Boston


Over the holidays, I had a chance to make it into Boston and show Matt around my old stomping grounds. We’ve been a few times before, but mostly for weddings or occasions where we’re over-scheduled without much time to roam around. This time, we did it right. After spending the day in Harvard Square, we… Read more »