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Signature karaoke songs


Last weekend, some friends of mine (one, a former Wheatone) came to town for a tour of my new apartment, and dinner out in BK. We dined at a cozy neighborhood spot, and en route back to my place, happened to walk past a bar that was bumping with karaoke tunes. We couldn’t resist! After… Read more »

Lean In


As part of a book club for New York Women in Communications, I’m reading Lean In, by Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg. Have you read it? I know some of the things she says are a bit controversial, but I love her tips about confidence and the value of a ‘fake it ’till you feel it’… Read more »

A Connecticut Wedding


Finally! A peek at the second wedding I attended this year: for my beautiful friend Barb. We sang together in the Wheatones, our college a cappella group. Isn’t she a stunning bride? The wedding was right on the Connecticut shore, complete with dinner and dancing outside while tiki torches lit the way to the dock… Read more »

A Cappella Page: The Wheatones


For those of you who are long-time readers of this blog, you already know: a cappella music is something I love. Based on this, you can only imagine my delight at having the chance to reconnect with Janine Perry, campus representative and technology liaison for the Wheaton College Wheatones, the group I used to sing… Read more »

California dreaming


Today, I’m off! California-bound to visit my little sister Alyssa, who just moved there last year. I’m starting the week off in Irvine where she lives, then meeting Matt for a weekend wedding in Northern California (San Francisco to be exact). Alyssa and I don’t have a ton of things planned, but one thing’s for… Read more »