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Bordeaux-colored nails


Do you have a go-to holiday nail color? I think that Bordeaux is so stylish and elegant. Plus, it looks polished for work, but perfectly transitions to evening (and party-hopping). ‘Tis the season for being cozy and drinking red wine, so really a Bordeaux-inspired hue just makes sense. After weeks of trial and error at… Read more »

Movie Page: Austenland


Have you seen Austenland? I am a huge Keri Russell fan, and actually intended to see this when it was in theaters last summer, but missed it. It’s such a sweet film! In it, Keri plays Jane, a woman who dreams of living in the fictional worlds that author Jane Austen creates. When she finds… Read more »

A winter pick-me-up


I was so excited to come across this item over at Provisions by Food52. As a kid, hot water bottles were a cure for a stiff neck, but also a type of winter comfort food. I loved when my mom would take the time to boil water and fill it up, then tuck us into… Read more »

A winter walk


My devoted readers know: Brooklyn Bridge Park is my favorite spot in my new neighborhood, snow or not. Over the weekend, Matt and I decided to go for a quick hike and test out the new SLR camera(!) I got for my birthday. Nothing beats a winter sunset in New York. My toes were icicles… Read more »

Cozy (and pretty!) ear muffs


So, I’m sort of crushing on a super fuzzy, warm-looking pair of ear muffs right now, available from J.Crew. I don’t really wear winter hats (blame the hat hair), but the temps in New York are dipping—fast. I need something that’s semi-stylish to protect my ears from the cold. What do you think? Would you… Read more »