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The perfect planner


You guys: I’ve always talked about my need to use a paper planner, even in this digital age. I think I’ve finally found the perfect one. It’s called the Day Designer by Whitney English. I can thank Instagram for my discovery of it. I saw a post about it one day over at Chirps & Cheers,… Read more »

Office envy


Ever since I got back from my trip, I’ve been on an organization tear. My current project: Updating my work space at home. For the last several months, my desk has become a receptacle for everything except office-related things. Books and knick-knacks, photos and jewelry, not to mention a massive printer that I’ve had for years,… Read more »

Working woman


Is it just me, or is fall on overdrive? As I mentioned yesterday, I actually can’t believe we’re already in October. Over the weekend, I accidentally wrote August when I was dating a check (!) if that is any indication as to where my brain is. Anyways, I came across this super clever (and pink!)… Read more »

Pet organizers for your desk


As a girl who loves to organize, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to optimize my work space. That’s exactly why these Desk Pet Organizers from Vacavaliente caught my eye. They’re so colorful and cheery, but also get the job done. There’s a space for everything: your phone, a business card, your pen…. Read more »