Cinco de Mayo v. Kentucky Derby

It’s a big question: with the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo falling on the same day this year, which one will you celebrate? I’m torn — I’m a margarita lover, but I also love big, colorful, floppy hats. :) The good news is that if you live in New York, the options are plentiful for toasting both occasions. Grub Street put together a great list of recommendations for places to go. I’m leaning towards Seersucker for the Derby; La Esquina for Cinco de Mayo. I mean, the round-up dubs them the “most festive” of the bunch. You can’t go wrong with that.

Which one will you celebrate? I’d love to know!

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Matt Dorville

I pick Cinco de Mayo for the food and Kentucky Derby for the drinks. Also I like the Kentucky Derby because at least people know what they’re celebrating.


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