Date night at French Louie

For a spontaneous date night last week, Matt and I decided to check out French Louie, a delicious new restaurant (from the guys behind Buttermilk Channel) that just opened in our neighborhood. The space is gorgeous! Soft lighting, hand-painted walls, tons of secluded tables—there’s even an outdoor seating area, set to open when the snow finally goes away. 

I ordered the Buckwheat Pappardelle, made with oxtail ragu, broccoli rabe, and cured egg, and Matt and I split their roasted carrot and citrus salad. Both dishes were so tasty and unique. In addition to the ambiance and the food, it didn’t hurt that we happened in on the restaurant’s opening night: the staff was delightful and so patient as we asked a million questions about the menu.

It was only a Wednesday, but it was so nice to slip out for an impromptu break in our routine, have a glass of wine, and try a new place. Also, there’s something to be said for catching up about the workday over candlelight! :)

(Images via Eater)

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