Golden iphone

Have you heard the rumors about the new iPhone 5S? That it is going to be available in gold? I love it! It seems like it will be so pretty and unique. That said, as an owner of the 4S, I fantasize daily about all the stylish new iPhone covers available for people who own the iPhone 5 and up. 

For example, don’t you love these New York-specific iPhone cases from Kate Spade? My favorite thing about cases like these is how bright they are. It means they never go missing in your bag!

More info about the products above:
1. Kate Spade Get Carried Away Apple iPhone 5 Case, $35
2. Kate Spade KSNY X Darcel New York I Love You Resin iPhone Case, $40
3. Kate Spade New York Apple iPhone 5 Case, $40

(Images via Kate Spade)

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