Jars dinnerware

When Matt and I were in Paris, we splurged on a fancy night out at Le Chateaubriand. The food was unreal (in case you’re wondering, the top image is their cheese plate; the bottom image is part of the dessert course, strawberries served with a mix of Indian spices that tasted like anise)—but I couldn’t leave without asking about their dinnerware. Every course came out on a different color plate! The waiter explained: They use Jars, a brand founded in 1857 in the South of France. The plates and bowls are all hand-crafted—and beautiful. It was such a cool part of the dining experience to curiously wait to see which plate color would be next. Can you imagine being the person in the kitchen coordinating that part of the meal?

The good news: I thought it would be impossible to find Jars back in the U.S., but the brand is sold at Williams Sonoma. 

Do you pay attention to restaurant details like this? Or is all about the food? :)

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