One month, 100 miles


Maybe it’s because I’m feeling inspired by the New York City marathon, maybe it’s the fact that the holiday season is near: I’m trying to re-commit to a regular running routine. My sister’s friend recently went on a running spree to get in shape and set a goal of running 100 miles in one month. She did it! What’s cool about this plan is that it comes with flexibility. Maybe one morning, you only have the energy/time for 2 miles, but another day, you can fit in five. It’s a fitness plan that’s challenging, but accommodates busy work schedules, lives, etc.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to give it a try—and I’m tracking the miles I log using a big and colorful oversized post-it as a visual reminder of my goal. I will say, I’m going to go a bit easier on myself and try to do 50 miles. But it’s a good starting point (that means I need to run about 12 miles a week). We’ll see how it goes!

Do you have any tricks/games/apps/motivational tools for getting in shape when you’re short on time? I welcome any and all tips!

(Image via iVillage)

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