Please Don’t Stop the Music

Citizen Cope.

Seeing a Citizen Cope show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg is definitely not a bad way to kick off the week. Especially if it’s accompanied by food from Blue Ribbon Restaurants. Add to that, a few songs performed with the soulful, the impressively talented Alice Smith. No, not a bad Monday night at all.

Download “107 Degrees” featuring Alice Smith on iTunes.

My Weekend

The entrance to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA.

It wasn’t an easy reservation to get, but as luck would have it, this weekend I managed to secure a Saturday afternoon reservation to see the Tim Burton exhibit going on now through April at the MoMA. The place was packed, but even though we had to move at a snail’s pace to look at each piece, it was completely worth the time it took to wander through. The entire exhibit was perfectly curated, down to the Beetlejuice-themed entrance lined with HD-TVs streaming clips from The World of Stainboy. The coolest part about the exhibit? You really get to see Burton’s process, and understand how from the very beginning, his career was meant to be.

Up next for Burton? Alice in Wonderland opens this March.

“Oscar, Oscar, who will win?”

Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in Avatar.

The nominees have been announced — including all 10 for best picture this year. I have to say, after *finally* joining the masses and seeing Avatar on Friday night, that film has got to be it. There’s no way James Cameron can lose. That film is a work of genius, from the story, to the cast, to the 3-D imagery, to the score. And let’s not forget Cameron’s unfaltering dedication to authenticity in his work: he hired Paul Frommer, a linguist at the University of Southern California, to create the Na’vi language spoken in the film. Like I said, he just can’t lose.

My Weekend

Cocktail hour at Elizabeth.

This weekend brought me into Elizabeth for Saturday night cocktails and dinner with a friend. Known for their drinks, I ordered the +64, a mix of tequila, agave nectar and kiwi. My friend got the Double Down, another tequila-based cocktail, this one with cucumber puree, lime salt and chili pepper, fixed to be as hot as your tastebuds can handle. The drinks were fantastic — the company, even better — but I couldn’t help but think back to my favorite place for cocktail hour in Boston: Eastern Standard. There, the Au Provence was my drink of choice. A vodka gimlet made with tarragon and lime, it is skillfully mixed at the hands of the restaurant’s staff mixologist Jackson Cannon. Sipping an Au Provence (or two…), to me, ES was always the place to be — for cocktails, dinner and more.