A Trip Home, A Slice of Pie

A slice of Upper Crust pizza, yummmm!

It’s official — one week until Christmas! I’m celebrating early with a quick trip home to Boston for a friend’s baby shower. Other than that, no big plans while I’m in town, except maybe budgeting in some time for a bit of last minute holiday shopping in Beacon Hill. Crush, Moxie, Holiday — they’re all places on my list. And if time allows, nothing would make me happier than grabbing a slice of pizza at Upper Crust. To me, it’s comfort food. For the two years I lived downtown in Boston, it was always my dinner of choice.

Nutcracker Magic

The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, 2009.

Last night, I had the chance to see The Nutcracker put on by the New York City Ballet. When I was in the fourth grade, a close friend of mine starred as Clara in the Boston Ballet’s version of the show. I remember going with my family to see it — I got dressed up in my holiday best, and sat, completely mesmerized by my friend’s performance. Afterwards, I met her backstage and begged her to autograph my program (she wrote, “I hope we dance together someday!” haha). I was so proud/impressed/awestruck of her accomplishment. To me, she was a superstar. ::: Maybe that’s why, for me, seeing The Nutcracker never gets old. It reminds me of that night as a kid when I saw all my friend’s dreams come true. My friend is no longer dancing — in fact, she gave it up a while ago — but every time the curtain opens and I see Clara appear on the stage, I think of her and that moment. In the eyes of a fourth grader, it was as close as life could get to being purely magical.

(image courtesy of artspace.blogspot.com)

Photo Op

“Penguins,” by Liz Pichon.

A quick peek inside the Scholastic bookstore in Soho led to the discovery of one of the cutest kids’ books I have recently read. “Penguins,” by Liz Pichon is about a rambunctious and silly group of Penguins that come across a camera that’s been left behind by a tourist at the zoo. It takes a while for them to determine it’s purpose, but once they do, oh the good times they have! The story is sweet and fun — I snagged a copy right away.

Cover Girl

Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw on Grey’s Anatomy.

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Capshaw for the next cover of New York Resident magazine. Capshaw is the newest member of the Grey’s Anatomy cast — she plays Arizona Robbins, a role that began as a three-episode story arc in season five, but quickly evolved into a permanent gig in season six. Our interview was a phoner (I’m based in New York, she films in LA), but Capshaw was genuine and lovely from the moment she said hello. Even more impressive? The girl can multi-task. She seamlessly answered my questions while navigating California traffic on her way to do some last-minute Christmas shopping on her day off. The holiday frenzy, the pace of LA traffic, her GPS system barking directions at her every few hundred yards — it’s enough to make anyone nuts. But Capshaw was unfazed, never losing her train of thought for the nearly 40 minutes we were on the phone. Eloquence and efficiency? That’s a combination of skills I can’t help but admire.

(image courtesy of imdb.com)

Don’t Rain on My Parade

The cast of Glee.

Blame the invention of DVR — I finally watched the fall finale of Glee Monday night, almost a week late since it aired last Wednesday. But tacking on the extra few days only added to the build up. What an episode! I was so happy to see so many story lines resolved. And the singing! Rachel Berry’s version of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” was inspiring. It makes me miss my days singing a cappella oh-so-very-much. Our group never took on Barbra, but Aretha, Madonna, Bob Dylan — they all made our set list.

(image courtesy of aceshowbiz.com)