Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

“Happy Howl-idays,” $14
“Saplings,” $12.95
“NYC Subway,” $15.75*

Come Christmas time, there’s nothing that makes me happier than carefully picking out, writing and sending holiday cards to friends and family. Seriously, it’s my favorite tradition — I snuggle up with my address book and a black ballpoint pen, listen to Christmas music or watch a holiday movie on TV (most likely Home Alone or White Christmas; if time allows National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). Choosing which cards to send? That’s the tough part. This year, I relied exclusively on Kate’s Paperie. Above are my top choices, including the winning design!

*Winner, 2009

Happy Feet

Available at Steve Madden.

‘Tis the season for dressing up! But a pretty dress means nothing without pretty shoes to go with it. A pair just like this one was a recent investment from a boutique on my block, and ever since, I’ve decided that shoes without sequins just aren’t worth wearing.

My Weekend

My cousin’s wife (right) and I at Rockefeller Center.

It was a mix of holiday parties and holiday shopping, buying gifts for others and a gift for myself (this sparkly ring from Topshop — you like?). I saw The Princess and the Frog (l-o-v-e-d it!) and enjoyed a few too many glasses of Multipulciano at Brio Saturday night. Finally, it wouldn’t be the holidays in New York without trip to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree. My cousin and his wife surprised me with a visit and that’s exactly what we decided to do. We pushed our way through the holiday crowds, but this was as close as we could get. We had to stand on a bench, but we still enjoyed our photo op!

Long Live the Queen

Blunt and Friend in The Young Victoria.

Tonight I saw an early screening of The Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend. I particularly enjoyed Jim Broadbent’s cameo as King William, but most of my praise is reserved for Blunt. She was captivating as Queen Victoria, and brought new life to what otherwise could have been a slow-moving, period film. Of course, the best part of the evening was the celeb spotting at the screening. Blunt made her own cameo at the film’s start, while Chris Noth and Martha Stewart stayed until the final credits rolled. Me? I was hoping to see John Krasinski‘s face in the crowd, but sadly, Blunt’s fiancée was MIA.

Singin’ in the Rain

The Duckings in the Public Garden, Boston Snowstorm, 2006ish

As a Massachusetts girl, the 10-15 degree temperature difference in New York City (it’s warmer!) tends to be something I consider a pro of living here. Except when word comes of a snow day at home. Then, I think of sledding, and hot cocoa, or just being cozy indoors. I mean, the rain today isn’t that bad. It certainly makes for an easier commute. But some pre-holiday snow would be nice…right?