Lunch Date

Sure, on a good day, I try to pack my lunch. But with my new part-time gig in Soho, I can’t seem to resist a midday bite at Dean & Deluca. For the most part, I keep it simple — I go straight for the soup line in the back. That way, I’m in and out, spending approximately $7 for a large cup. However, today, my normally calculated visit was interrupted by a Golden Star vendor offering me a sample taste of his White Jasmine Sparkling Tea. “It’s light and refreshing,” he said. “A non-alcoholic drink that pairs well with others.” Oops, impulse buy!

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It’s Christmas Time in the City

One of my favorite things about the holiday season in New York has to be the sight of evergreen Christmas trees lined up for sale along random blocks in the city post-Thanksgiving. Why? Because, when walking by, not only are you granted a temporary reprieve from the (aromatic?) scent of New York, but you’re also given a tangible reminder of the spirit of Christmas. The lights, the smell, the red bows tied to the treetops — add a light dusting of snow and I just can’t explain it. I immediately hear Bing Crosby singing in my head.