A tip for mailing postcards


So: Matt and I have both been feeling a bit lost on how to show our support to our senators (like Chuck Schumer) who are tirelessly working to fight the hard fight. We’ve got a long road ahead, clearly, and it’s tough to feel like there’s much we can do to help on a daily level. One idea—recommended by the Women’s March—is to write a postcard to our local politicians to express our opinions and let them know that we’re behind them 100%.

Over the weekend, I set out to my favorite card supply stores in my neighborhood and was surprised to find that postcards are pretty difficult to find. After striking out twice, my go-to stationery shop reminded me: All you need to send a postcard is a single-sided card and a postcard stamp.

Her brilliant suggestion? Take fold-over cards that I already have and split them in half at the crease. Voila! Two postcards. Draw three lines where you can write the address and attach the stamp. You’re done.

Matt and I set a goal to each write one a week. Our effort of course feels small, but it’s a place to start.

Update: If you’d rather order inexpensive postcards online, Etsy has an amazing selection here.

(Image via Calder Clark)

Guys, our video store closed!


Saddest news ever: The adorable video store—called Video Free Brooklyn—in my neighborhood closed. Seriously, it was a once (and sometimes twice) a weekend activity for me and Matt. We’d breeze over on a Saturday night and scan the shelves for tens of minutes, calling out to compare notes on which films one or the other still hadn’t seen. Since it closed, I’ve had to resort to Netflix/Amazon/Vudu scrolling. Here, are four films I’m so happy I found.


The prettiest Italian duvet


For Christmas this year, the only thing I asked for was this pretty duvet, made by Italian brand Borgo Delle Tovaglie and sold—in the loveliest limited edition hue—by French brand Sézane. I’ve always been into more neutral tones when it comes to my bedroom, but there was something about this rosy rendition that made it something I wanted/needed/had to have.


How to Start a Book Club


I’m going to be honest: I’ve always been just a little bit anti-book club. The main reason? It just feels like a lot of pressure, plus I worry that the books that are on my reading list will get sidelined by insurmountable 500-page novels that I’ll never have time to get all the way through. But recently, I changed my mind.


January 2017 Resolutions


Hi and hello, my darling readers! I’ve missed you. The end of 2016 was kind of a blur (my sister’s wedding, the election and the holidays all mixed in) and I fell off the wagon with blogging. But new year, do you and all — the plan is to finally get back on track! That said, in an effort to be more realistic about my time, I’m going to stick to doing just two posts a week. (I wish that I could do more, but that’s just where I’m at right now.) So, a few weeks late, I thought I’d jump back in with a topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now: resolutions.