Sweet treats

Last week, I blogged about starting a letter chain with friends. Oh, the delight of getting snail mail! :) This week, I’m taking it a step further after learning about Biscuiteers, a charming bakery in London that, with just a click, enables you to send one-of-a-kind “pressies” to your friends. Choose from an extensive array of occasions to toast— the Queen’s Jubilee, the one-year anniversary of the Royal Wedding or, my personal favorite, a trip to Paris. From there, you can select the day you want your package of sugary confections delivered, and that’s it!

The best part? I checked—international delivery is available from Biscuiteers. But if you need a state-side option, I fully recommend these two bakeries here and here.

(Images via Biscuiteers and A Girl, A Style

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