The best mascara ever

For years, I’ve been searching for a great mascara. I’ve tried them all—from drugstore brands to top of the line formulas—but nothing has been quite right. Until now. A couple of weeks ago, I wandered into Sephora to replace my shampoo. I passed the store’s wall of mascaras and decided, what the heck, let’s sample a few! I found Lancome’s L’Extreme mascara and really liked the soft and fine bristles on the applicator wand. For $27.50, I went for it. And you know what?

This. mascara. is. amazing.

It doesn’t clump, it doesn’t get dried out, it doesn’t flake midway through the day. It provides definition (my lashes are blond, so this is very important) and lengthens, too. I’ve actually never had so much fun putting mascara on. 

Have you ever tried it? What’s a dream beauty product you can’t live without?

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