The prettiest Italian duvet


For Christmas this year, the only thing I asked for was this pretty duvet, made by Italian brand Borgo Delle Tovaglie and sold—in the loveliest limited edition hue—by French brand Sézane. I’ve always been into more neutral tones when it comes to my bedroom, but there was something about this rosy rendition that made it something I wanted/needed/had to have.

I ordered it in mid-December and after a bit of a mix-up with les couleurs as the French would say, I finally received the package last week. To say I love it the most is a serious understatement. It is lightweight and airy and adds the perfect pop of color to the room. It also compliments my gallery wall that’s still in the works. (More on that in a later blog post.)

The lesson I learned: If you make the area you sleep in a sanctuary, you will protect it as one, too. Typically, my bed is a bit of a “working office” if you will, despite the fact that I have a perfectly good desk right beside it. But upgrading my mattress, headboard and, now, duvet cover, I’ve come to respect this area of my home in a whole new way. The investment has not only helped my bedroom aesthetic, it’s helped my sleep patterns, too. (A win-win!)

What’s an item in your home you treated yourself to? How has it changed your life?

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