Monthly Archives: August 2014

The weekend is here!

Happy Friday, my darling readers! How was your week? I’m really looking forward to a couple of days off. Since Brooklyn Heights Cinema is closing (the saddest news ever!), we’re planning to catch one final flick (I’m thinking this, since I still haven’t seen it). Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead. Here, to get it started… Read more »

Travel Page: Padua and Venice

At last! The final leg of my European vacation this summer—three days in Padua and Venice, Italy. When Matt and I finally made it to Padua, we let out a small sigh of relief. We had trekked rom Sweden to our destination, and now we could truly kick back and relax. And since Matt had lived… Read more »

O Captain My Captain

I was deeply saddened to hear that Robin Williams passed away last week. Like so many, I grew up entertained and delighted by so many of his films. Three favorites stand out: Good Will Hunting (I walked past this bench en route to work every morning for three years), Hook (I saw this in the theater with my… Read more »

Bar Chuko

Do you like Japanese food? I recently tried out Bar Chuko in Prospect Heights. It was so hard to not order everything on the menu—each dish was so good. That said, it’s easy to sample a lot since the menu is divided into snacks, bites, bowls, and skewers (all reasonably priced). For $2-3 a pop,… Read more »

New Brooklyn nail salon

My latest Brooklyn discovery: This super-cute Hawaiian-style nail salon called Pau Hana. It’s funny because I’ve never really felt like a quickie manicure/pedicure in New York is all that relaxing, until I found this place. If you close your eyes, it sort of feels like you’re being whisked away somewhere tropical for an hour. It sounds… Read more »