Brooklyn Pizza Tour

My love of Brooklyn pizza has gotten very serious over the last year and a half since moving to my new ‘hood. Even better, I’ve gone on many a pizza taste test with my pizza-loving pals Dominic and Shannon. This weekend, our efforts will continue with a visit to a relatively new joint called Emily’s in Clinton Hill. I can’t wait!

In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d pay homage to my top five Brooklyn pizza spots. Of course, Emily’s has a real shot of nudging someone off this list—but they’ll have to work very hard to do it. 😉

Here goes:

1) Di Fara: I call this destination pizza. Even though I live in Brooklyn, it’s a hike on the subway. I’ve actually been twice, but only after renting a car each time. This pizza is life-changing, from the sauce to the olive oil and hand-snipped basil leaves.

2) Speedy Romeo: Great pies and great service. That’s a tough combo to find. And despite being a backdrop for the recent season of Girls, I’ve still never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a seat. Impressive.

3) Roberta’s: The Bee Sting isn’t on the menu anymore, but this specialty pie is my go-to order here. It comes with honey. Need I say more? Plus, the backyard bar area illustrates Brooklyn at it’s best.

4) Paulie Gee’s: Delicious pizza, but an even better late night scene, given that Paulie himself visits the tables to check in and make sure your pie is perfect.

5) Fornino: You know my love for this place runs deep. This spot is all about pizza with a view. What slice won’t taste great when it’s enjoyed next to the Manhattan skyline under pretty globe lights? 🙂

Honestly, it was tough to narrow the choices down—and I’m totally open to debate. What is your favorite Brooklyn pie?

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