Going to the Chapel

Shannon in her wedding dress by Jenny Yoo.
Few things in life are as picture perfect as a wedding, but when the bride-to-be also happens to be your best friend, the stakes are raised. Here’s a stunning shot of my friend Shannon on her wedding day, taken just a few moments after she first put on her dress. I love how happy she looks — not to mention, how special it was for me to be the only one privy to her first few seconds of excitement and joy.
What’s your favorite wedding photo? Who took it? For more pictures of Shannon and Randy’s big day, check out this post from Tim Boyles, their official photographer. (A hint: the photo that references the Maid of Honor? That’s me!)



Oh Rachel….?
Sorry I didn’t write your name down that day. I would have mentioned you specifically. That was a wonderful shot you took.
Nice to meet you….! Please keep in touch!


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