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The Sing Off 2: Brown Jabberwocks


It’s like an a cappella dream come true! Now that NBC’s a cappella hit The Sing-Off has been green-lighted for a second season, rumors about possible contestants are swirling around the Internet. Who has my vote? I agree with Yahoo’s “Reality Rocks” music blogger Lyndsey Parker — the Brown University Jabberwocks are it.  Seeing Lyndsey’s… Read more »

California dreaming


Today, I’m off! California-bound to visit my little sister Alyssa, who just moved there last year. I’m starting the week off in Irvine where she lives, then meeting Matt for a weekend wedding in Northern California (San Francisco to be exact). Alyssa and I don’t have a ton of things planned, but one thing’s for… Read more »

Don’t Rain on My Parade


The cast of Glee. Blame the invention of DVR — I finally watched the fall finale of Glee Monday night, almost a week late since it aired last Wednesday. But tacking on the extra few days only added to the build up. What an episode! I was so happy to see so many story lines… Read more »