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A moving tip

Whenever I move, there’s one item that’s always my Achilles heel: My magazines. Yep, I’ve saved hundreds over the years—even in my New York-sized apartments—but I just can’t bring myself to part ways with that Harper’s Bazaar featuring SJP on the Brooklyn Bridge or that Entertainment Weekly touting the newfound Office romance between Jim and Pam. I have this grand plan… Read more »

My New York anniversary

Whoa, today marks nine years since I moved to New York. Since I’ve been packing up my apartment as of late, I happened to find a note that I wrote myself during my junior year of college about my future goals. At the top of the list? To feel comfortable living in a city like New… Read more »

A gallery wall update

Exciting news, you guys! I finally dedicated the time to thoughtfully assembly my very own gallery wall. (As you know, it takes quite a bit of time and patience…and math.) But basically, the same weekend that I finished this project and was admiring my work, we decided something kinda big…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A funny thing about my relationship with Matt: Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday—but it’s Matt’s absolute favorite. As a result, every year, he always plans a special (and super thoughtful) date night. One year, he got us a reservation at Blue Hill and put in a special request to sit at the exact… Read more »

A tip for mailing postcards

So: Matt and I have both been feeling a bit lost on how to show our support to our senators (like Chuck Schumer) who are tirelessly working to fight the hard fight. We’ve got a long road ahead, clearly, and it’s tough to feel like there’s much we can do to help on a daily level. One idea—recommended… Read more »