A moving tip

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Whenever I move, there’s one item that’s always my Achilles heel: My magazines. Yep, I’ve saved hundreds over the years—even in my New York-sized apartments—but I just can’t bring myself to part ways with that Harper’s Bazaar featuring SJP on the Brooklyn Bridge or that Entertainment Weekly touting the newfound Office romance between Jim and Pam. I have this grand plan that one day I’ll frame all the best ones—or my kids will pour over them asking me questions about pop culture and current events.

Still, hauling them from one place to the next is a pain. So, this year, I came up with a system: I would use my rolling suitcases (and Matt’s) to transport my magazines. (The movers can’t complain if they’re thoughtfully packed on wheels, right?)

It worked! And was so much easier than loading them into cardboard boxes that not even the Hulk could lift.

Any moving tips that you swear by? Would love to hear!