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Made me laugh.


Did you know that Diane Keaton is on Pinterest? I love her boards! This pin of hers made me laugh—perfect for a Thursday, right? PS: Are you reading her new book? I loved her last one!(Image via Pinterest)

Happy April Fool’s Day!


Happy Monday, my darling readers! May your day be filled with humor, fun…and practical jokes! PS—Have you seen these awesome treasure maps? (Image via Pinterest)

Good humor


I thought I’d post this hilarious picture of Steve Martin. Because today is just one of those days! (Image via Pinterest) 

Something to make you smile


A little humor for your Wednesday! In the midst of a busy week over here. The good news? A three-day-weekend is coming up fast. What are your plans? Share them here! (Image via Pinterest) 

Advice Page: For the Dogs


A little something to brighten your Monday! Are you a dog or a cat person? I had a golden retriever named Leroy as a kid. He was as loveable as this guy above! (Image via Pinterest)