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The weekend is here!


At last! A weekend to relax. Tell me, my dear readers — what do you have planned? I have a stack of magazines this tall to read and enjoy. I can’t wait. Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web: Balloons at your wedding. Make lingerie last. July… Read more »

Color coding at home


What do you do to organize the books and magazines you keep in your home? I’ve blogged about the number of magazines I keep in my New York-sized apartment before, but right now, I just keep them all in neat piles under my bed. What a clever idea to color code my collection based on… Read more »

Baby loves the iPad

You have to admit — the video above kind of makes sense, right? I definitely know plenty of kids who are more skilled at navigating the iPhone and iPad than most! On that note, I’m happy to report that my very first iPhone arrives this week. After a six year relationship with my Blackberry, we… Read more »

Magazine covers to keep


When it comes to magazines, are you more likely to save or toss an issue after you finish reading it? Natali over at Narrylikes raised this question last week and it got me thinking. I’m definitely a girl that likes to hold onto copies of magazines I’ve read. Why? I love the thought that one… Read more »

Go pink like Gaga in Vogue


Treat those tresses to a makeover, Gaga-style. Or at least flip through the March issue of Vogue for style inspiration from the current Queen of Pop. But as you’re reading the new issue, remember — Gaga isn’t the first lady to go pink!  (Via A Glimpse of Glamour)