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Back to the Jazz Age


My dear readers, tell me — have any of you ever been to the Jazz Age Lawn Party out on Governor’s Island? A hop, skip and a 10 minute ferry ride from Manhattan or Brooklyn, it’s like going back in time to a Gatsby-like affair. Between the stylish 1920s attire and the music provided by… Read more »

A pool with a view


As New Yorkers, we all can agree — come summertime, the city gets HOT. What if there was a floating pool in the East River, right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, where you could easily go to cool off? That’s exactly what the guys at +Pool have in mind. Their proposal for a pool in… Read more »

Bronx Zoo


So, there was a small change of plans this weekend — instead of going to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, I went last minute to the Bronx Zoo. My parents have photographic proof that I went as a kid, but this is the first time I’ve been where I’m old enough to remember the trip…. Read more »

Pop-up NYC


This collection of pop-up art from Daisy Lew features some of New York’s most iconic scenes. I love her 3D depictions of the Big Apple, the taxicab and the Chrysler Building — each replica offers a cityscape view from both the top and the side. And there are more scenes to choose from! What an… Read more »

Gone swimming


I’m back! My dear readers that live in New York, did you survive the heat wave last week? It looks like the humidity is arriving in the city a bit early this year. As a result, I can’t stop thinking about the beach! But if I can’t go swimming, the photos above are the next… Read more »