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Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club


Whenever my sister Alyssa comes to town, it never feels like we have to entertain, but it’s always fun to take her to someplace new. During her recent trip, we decided to check out the recently opened Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn. It’s sort of hilarious in a way—bringing the best of Florida recreation to… Read more »

Spur of the Moment Reading


Over the weekend, I found myself on the Upper West Side — the weather was perfect, and I had no place to be. I stumbled into Westsider Books, a delightful used bookstore, where I planned to browse, not buy. But, while looking through the fiction titles, I came across Heartburn, the first-ever novel written by… Read more »

A pop-up pool in New York


New Yorkers in the summertime want one thing: an easy way to beat the heat. That’s why the new pop-up pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park is such a hit. This brilliant idea offers just another day at the beach — expect sand, colorful umbrellas, concessions, and a 30′ by 50′ pool, big enough to fit… Read more »

A taste of fall


For my birthday this year, I went canoeing with my family and Matt on the Nashua River in Massachusetts. It was such a lovely day, and a reminder of what fall weather should be like — cool and crisp with lots of sun. Now that it’s October, I hope the weather starts to turn around…. Read more »