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SNL photo recap


I love the quirky humor behind these photos, each taken from the portfolio of longtime SNL photographer, Mary Ellen Matthews. Brian Williams will always be my favorite, but the creativity (and fun!) behind every single pose makes it clear why Matthews has been shooting portraits for the hit show for so many years. Browse through… Read more »

Ross and Rachel through the years


Longtime readers of my blog already know this — I’m a huge Friends fan. Last week, Jennifer Aniston achieved a major career milestone: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. During an interview about her success, she talked about her most famous role — playing Rachel — and the fate of her character’s marriage… Read more »

Downton Abbey


I’m late to the party on this one, but after a 7-episode marathon of season one over the weekend, I’ll admit: I’m hooked on Downton Abbey. I know that I’m a full season behind (forgive me!), but I promise, I’ll catch up quick. I actually feel lucky that I still have seven full episodes to… Read more »

Arrested Developments


If you missed the Arrested Development reunion this weekend at The New Yorker Festival, you may have also missed the incredible announcement that not only is the movie a definite, a new set of TV episodes are also in the works! As someone who only recently became addicted to the show, I’m thrilled to hear… Read more »

Arrested Development


Thanks to recommendations from a few different friends, I finally started watching the first season of Arrested Development. Late to the party? Yes. But that’s what Netflix is for, right? I’m already addicted to the show, and I’m only 5 episodes in. So far, Will Arnett’s character is my favorite, although Jason Bateman’s Michael Bluth… Read more »