A tip for mailing postcards


So: Matt and I have both been feeling a bit lost on how to show our support to our senators (like Chuck Schumer) who are tirelessly working to fight the hard fight. We’ve got a long road ahead, clearly, and it’s tough to feel like there’s much we can do to help on a daily level. One idea—recommended by the Women’s March—is to write a postcard to our local politicians to express our opinions and let them know that we’re behind them 100%.

Over the weekend, I set out to my favorite card supply stores in my neighborhood and was surprised to find that postcards are pretty difficult to find. After striking out twice, my go-to stationery shop reminded me: All you need to send a postcard is a single-sided card and a postcard stamp.

Her brilliant suggestion? Take fold-over cards that I already have and split them in half at the crease. Voila! Two postcards. Draw three lines where you can write the address and attach the stamp. You’re done.

Matt and I set a goal to each write one a week. Our effort of course feels small, but it’s a place to start.

Update: If you’d rather order inexpensive postcards online, Etsy has an amazing selection here.

(Image via Calder Clark)