Happy Valentine’s Day!


A funny thing about my relationship with Matt: Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday—but it’s Matt’s absolute favorite. As a result, every year, he always plans a special (and super thoughtful) date night.

One year, he got us a reservation at Blue Hill and put in a special request to sit at the exact table where Michelle and Barack Obama sat when they had their special date night in New York back in 2009. (The maitre’d came through and made it happen. So cool.) Another year, we did quite the opposite—enjoyed a bottle of wine at home while Matt recreated the first-ever recipe he cooked for me in our relationship: Poblano Mango Black Bean Quesadillas. Yum. (It was a third date winner.)

Anyways, he’s tough to compete with when it comes to romantic sentiments on this holiday, but this year, I found something perfect: This awesome (and Hamilton-inspired) Valentine’s Day card.


Pretty good, right? What are your Valentine’s plans?

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