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Wait until Dark

My Audrey Hepburn education continues—this weekend, I finally saw Wait Until Dark. I was avoiding this one a bit, simply because thrillers just aren’t my thing. But one that was made 40+ years ago? I figured I could handle the suspense. But whoa, I was not prepared for Alan Arkin! How is that the same… Read more »

Inspiration via Audrey

In the midst of a busy week, a quick reminder to smile: Remember, tomorrow the weekend begins! 🙂 (Image via Pinterest)

Tuesday reminder

Don’t forget — happy girls are the prettiest, according to Audrey Hepburn! Wishing you a lovely Tuesday, and a week filled with smiles and laughs. 🙂 (Image 1, Image 2)

I’m washing my hair!

This photo made me smile. Thanks Audrey for evidence of the perfect excuse — sometimes us ladies just need a night at home! 🙂 (Image via A Lovely Being)