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On ‘Togetherness’

In case you haven’t been watching, you need to catch up on Togetherness, the new HBO show written by the Duplass Brothers and starring Mark Duplass, Amanda Peet, Melanie Lynskey and Steve Zissis. The season finale was on last night, so if you haven’t started, you’re in the perfect position to binge watch! (I’m jealous.) The show… Read more »

Jane the Virgin

Have you been watching Jane the Virgin on the CW? It is so great! And funny! And addictive! The show reminds me a lot of Ugly Betty (one of my all-time favorite shows), mostly due to the fact that the storytelling format mimics the twists and turns of a spicy and drama-filled telenovela. Here’s the plot: Jane made… Read more »

The best of Ugly Betty

What do you mean Ugly Betty is cancelled?   After the news broke this week that Ugly Betty is no more, I thought it was only right to pay homage to the episodes of the show that I love the most. In random order, here goes: • Fake Plastic Snow, Season 1 The office holiday… Read more »