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The shoes we carry

It’s a busy week: One of those where I have to “pack” my bag in the morning to take me through my 9 to…9. In the winter, I always laugh at the number of different pairs of shoes I have to carry to get me through the various stages of my day. For example, yesterday: 1) My… Read more »

My vote for best dressed

Did you watch the Oscars last night? There were so many sweet and inspiring and moving moments during the show. If I had to pick a winner for best dressed, my vote goes to Jennifer Aniston, hands-down. She looked absolutely stunning in this sparkly Versace number. She also wins the award for best red carpet PDA… Read more »

Silver heels

Most mornings, when I get dressed for work, I alternate between the same two shoe colors: black or camel. They’re both neutrals that I know will work with most everything I own: skirts, flowy dresses, jeans. It’s a quick and easy decision, which saves me time so that I can make my lunch, collect my things, bundle… Read more »

A conversation about curls

Last Friday, I curled my hair before work in a burst of morning energy before the weekend. I walked into the office with curls that weren’t quite ringlets, but weren’t quite waves and everyone was asking how I did it. Here’s my trick: A wand! I’ve never been able to master a traditional curling iron…. Read more »

The coziest pair of slippers

I never pegged myself as a slipper-wearing gal until my sister gave me a Shearling pair of UGGs for Christmas. They stayed in the box for most of the holiday—to be honest, I thought about suggesting she return them. I typically walk around my apartment in bare feet or socks. Would I really go the extra… Read more »