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One month, 100 miles

  Maybe it’s because I’m feeling inspired by the New York City marathon, maybe it’s the fact that the holiday season is near: I’m trying to re-commit to a regular running routine. My sister’s friend recently went on a running spree to get in shape and set a goal of running 100 miles in one… Read more »

As cool as water ballet

For those of you who spin and swim to workout, AQUA—a new studio in Tribeca—is combining the benefits of both: Spinning in water. What a fun and creative idea! I heard about this class thanks to PureWow, and I have to admit, I really want to give it a try. Right now, the class is… Read more »

Say ‘Om’

Do you practice yoga? I have been trying to fit in more classes when I can. For my birthday, I received a wonderful gift: a pass to Malo Yoga in Brooklyn. I took my first 90-minute class there right before Thanksgiving, and loved it. I’m amazed how even in a city like New York, it’s… Read more »

A taste of fall

For my birthday this year, I went canoeing with my family and Matt on the Nashua River in Massachusetts. It was such a lovely day, and a reminder of what fall weather should be like — cool and crisp with lots of sun. Now that it’s October, I hope the weather starts to turn around…. Read more »

New York Road Runner

I did it! This weekend, I ran a four-mile race in Central Park to benefit the City Parks Foundation. What an adrenaline rush! As I mentioned Friday, I am a total non-runner so four miles was a huge accomplishment for me. It was such a gorgeous route through the Park — up the East side,… Read more »