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The New Photobooth

So, I’m a lady who loves a good photo booth. That’s why I’m sort of intrigued by Phhhoto, a new app that instantly turns your photo booth pics into gifs. What’s cool is you don’t have to be at a wedding to try it out—just download the Phhhoto app to your iPhone and start snapping… Read more »

Photography how-to

Now that my trip to France and Italy is coming up soon, I’ve been starting to make mini-lists to prepare. Top priority right now: Master my SLR camera so that I can come back with lots of gorgeous pics. It’s harder than you think! Luckily, there’s Skillshare, a company with classes that teach almost any skill… Read more »

Print your Instagrams

Are you on Instagram? (If you are, follow me here!) I’m obsessed with Stickygram, the quickest, most simple way to print your digital pics and turn them into magnets. Matt gave this to me as part of a gift for my birthday, and I can’t get over how fun it is. All you need to… Read more »

Starry starry night

Can you imagine what New York City would look like underneath a sky full of stars? French photographer Thierry Cohen attempts to show exactly that by editing city scenes together with night skies that fall on the same latitudes. It’s magical, right? As a former country girl, I wouldn’t mind having the best of both… Read more »

SNL photo recap

I love the quirky humor behind these photos, each taken from the portfolio of longtime SNL photographer, Mary Ellen Matthews. Brian Williams will always be my favorite, but the creativity (and fun!) behind every single pose makes it clear why Matthews has been shooting portraits for the hit show for so many years. Browse through… Read more »