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Romance in the rain

Whoa, another cold and rainy day in New York! But all these end-of-winter showers bring plenty of opportunities for impromptu romance, right? 🙂 That’s why I love this heart-shaped umbrella from Obaz. What a cute—and stylish—idea! Besides, a pop of red on a dreary day is the best antidote to gloom.  What do you think:… Read more »

Paris in the Rain

I know I just recently blogged about Paris, but these photos from Little Brown Pen caught my eye. Nichole’s series about Paris in the rain is lovely, and perfectly captures the energy of a city where the moody weather changes on a dime. In fact, the rain came to be one of my favorite parts… Read more »

How To: Beat the Rain

This week’s forecast in New York is rain, rain, rain. Yes, it’s tempting to wear sweats to work, but there have to be other survival tactics for this June gloom! When it starts to pour, why not duck inside a café and grab a hot tea or coffee with a friend? Better yet, opt for… Read more »

Smile when it’s raining

There’s nothing I love more than when photos serendipitously align themselves on Pinterest. For example, the photo of Kate Middleton in the rain that I pinned above. I was delighted to log into Pinterest and see it placed right next to these inspiring words. The perfect reminder on a rainy day! More rain here. (Images… Read more »

Singin’ in the Rain

It’s a rainy week here in New York. But when another downpour hits, there’s only one thought that should cross your mind: what would Gene Kelly do?  🙂 More rain here and here. (Image 1, 2 and 3)