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Farmer’s Market in Brooklyn

Come August, the only thing I want to snack on are heirloom tomatoes. I’m so lucky that there are two farmer’s markets within walking distance from my apartment with table after table of fresh garden picks. This weekend, I went to both—making a single serving salad for myself on Saturday (with olive oil, balsamic, and… Read more »

The perfect salad

When I was home for the long weekend, my parents and I had a huge BBQ to celebrate July 4th. As usual, my mom made her signature garden salad—with most of the ingredients picked from our backyard. Sure, it’s a basic salad, but somehow, it always tastes crisp and crunchy and looks fluffy and fresh. … Read more »

The best kale and brussels sprouts salad

Since my friend Shalah was in town for a visit, we got to have an impromptu recipe session, just like old times! The dish she introduced me to? This delicious kale and brussels sprouts salad from If you like kale and brussels sprouts, this is a recipe you have to try. It takes about… Read more »