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Channeling Carrie Bradshaw

Excuse the radio silence last week—my beloved MacBook Pro decided to completely crash. One minute, it was totally functional (well, maybe slightly low on hard drive space after five years of use). The next? Frozen. The only sign of life was that colorful spinning pinwheel, usually not the best sign. After a tearful call with Apple… Read more »

TV sitcom floor plans

How cool are these designs from Etsy artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde? He goes inside the homes of our most beloved sitcom characters—like Monica and Rachel on Friends—to provide detailed layouts of their fictional apartments. I love how New York-sized most of these places actually look (especially Seinfeld). Plus, according to Lizarralde, the famous Friends‘ roommates… Read more »

Secret single behavior

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw first coined this term? Shannon Darrough over at I Love Your Crazy reminded me of the importance of Secret Single Behavior: the stuff you do that no one knows about that feels absolutely great. With Matt out of town this past weekend, I decided to dedicate my time off to my… Read more »

Fitness in the city

During the summer, what is your exercise routine? I’m considering abandoning my gym membership and committing to working out outdoors. The fresh air always does me good, and without the New York City-priced gym membership fee, I can afford to try other things. Like yoga, for example. This past weekend, I tried my first Jivamukti… Read more »

The weekend is here!

Happy weekend dear readers! What do you have planned? My weekend is centered around one thing: brunch. With all my travels over the past two weeks, brunch is the Saturday-Sunday activity that I’ve missed the most. Who knew it could be so difficult to find eggs, French toast or pancakes past 10 a.m.? Lesson learned:… Read more »