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Roasted carrot and avocado salad

It’s so hot and sticky in the summer, there are so many nights where all I crave is a delicious salad for dinner. Lately, Matt and I have been making variations on this recipe from ABC Kitchen. There’s something so tasty about roasted carrots, avocado, a lot of fresh lemon juice, and a little salt… Read more »


With the way the temperatures keep climbing, the only thing I’ve been craving lately is a fresh—and inventive—salad. That’s why I am completely obsessed with Sarah Yates’ Instagram feed and the mouth-watering salad pics she posts. Seriously, how yummy do the combinations above look? Notice that all three salads include a favorite ingredient of mine:… Read more »

Summer salad

The Mango and Pine Nut Salad, featured in Women’s Health. I don’t know about you, but when it gets this hot, the food I tend to crave the most is salad. But finding inventive ways to combine lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers can be tough day after day. Leave it to Women’s Health to come up… Read more »