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The perfect salad

When I was home for the long weekend, my parents and I had a huge BBQ to celebrate July 4th. As usual, my mom made her signature garden salad—with most of the ingredients picked from our backyard. Sure, it’s a basic salad, but somehow, it always tastes crisp and crunchy and looks fluffy and fresh. … Read more »

Beat the NYC heat

This week, as I waited for the A train in the sweltering underground heat, I glanced over at another woman on the platform. She was dry as a daisy, fanning herself with one of these—a portable, battery-operated fan. I immediately thought of all the things that I carry in my purse to be prepared (a… Read more »

How to hail a cab

This article from Travel & Leisure about how to hail a cab in New York made me smile. Did you know that you’re supposed to flap your arms like a bird if you want to signal a cabbie that you need a lift to the airport? Hilarious. There are more tips—and fun illustrations by Michael… Read more »

Summer Countdown: One Month!

One month until September? How is that even possible?! I’m working on my end of summer to-do list, now. What’s left on your list? Next week, I’ll be sharing several friends’ picks for how they want to spend the last four weeks of the season. Balmy summer nights, trips to the beach, sangria—it goes by… Read more »