Countdown to the wedding!

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.53.07 AMT minus one month until Matt and I get married–whoa! Time flies. Last week, we popped by City Hall in Brooklyn and applied for our marriage license. Heavy. (Kidding!) But it’s true: Through all the planning and the details and the late night Pinterest searches, I’m always amazed at how humbling the little wedding-related moments are. Walking into City Hall, for example.

We went through the metal detectors and told the security guard we were here to get our marriage license. He immediately started grinning and sent us to the appropriate floor. We waited in line behind and in front of other couples getting hitched right then and there. (We just got the application which our officiant will sign after our ceremony, but so many couples were there to get married that day.)

The couple in front of us was chatting about going to see a movie together–maybe Batman vs. Superman–afterward. The couple behind us was there with their kids, both dressed in their finest flower girl and ring bearer attire. As their parents filled out the paperwork, the kids played around going up to the other windows without tellers and pretending they were getting married, too. It was funny because the room–completely bare and bank-like–felt completely filled with love.

I’m keeping my name. (Hello, Bowie is awesome). But I loved the Brooklyn lady who verified our information: When she asked if I was changing my name and I said no, she responded with a subtle Mmm-hmmm, that’s right while glancing at Matt. We both burst out laughing, reviewed the paperwork, and got on the subway to go to work. Just another day in New York.